Classical Music

Classical Music

 What do ‘Twinkle-twinkle little star’ and ‘The Magic Flute’ have in common?

They were both written by Mozart.

Just like he progressed from writing simple tunes to full scale operas, we will help you progress from playing simple melodies to full scale concertos.​ During the individual lessons at your home your teacher will work on developing your technique, your pitch, rhythm, and repertoire. This is very beneficial for adult learners, as studies have shown that playing classical music enhances the memory and the overall ability to concentrate.

Give it a go and see how you like your first lesson with us!

An excellent, professional service with a supportive company. Petru and his team provide an affordable service that can be trusted. My cello lessons are going we’ll and they are made enjoyable by my teacher. I totally recommend Lycaeum Music!

Gaz Reynolds, 50, London Student

´Very easy to get what you look for. After a phone call Petru took care of everything for me, and my son’s piano tutor knocked on our door the next day.’

Sebastian Salafano, 52, Edinburgh Father

`Before Lycaeum, I found a trumpet tutor online and it turned out I didn’t choose so well. I called here and Petru was very understanding and spent over half an hour with me on the phone to make sure that it didn’t happen again.’

Emily Hill, 27, Cardiff Student

‘My teacher is really funny made my lifelong dream of playing the bassoon happen.’

Nadia Marinova, 37, Leeds Student