Petru Cotarcea

Petru Cotarcea


I was born in the buzzy city of Bucharest, Romania, before my family moved to quiet town in Denmark to raise my little sister, while I went on to boarding school in Manchester to study the violin. Not necessarily the most typical of childhoods but you won’t see me complaining about it.

I started violin at the age of 5, after seeing a picture of the instrument in a colouring book and telling my mum that I want to play it. At least that’s what she says, as I can remember pretty much nothing from that age.

In my native country, state music education is free, so she simply took me to the local music school to have a go at it.

Fast forward 15 years later and I am a student at the Royal academy of Music in London, having already had concerts on every continent, save Australia where really I hope to get to soon – learning to surf is one of my dreams, so there’s a time and a place for everything I guess.

I’ve been teaching violin privately for some years now and I absolutely love to see the impact that the lessons have on my students, from the young ones who soon become confident and start working things out for themselves, to the adults who soon become confident and start working things out for themselves.

Have I just repeated myself there?

Yes, yes I did. Because I found that at the end of the day this is what music lessons are really about – working to improve to become a better version of yourself, regardless of age.

Some will make it to be music stars, some will be music professionals while some others will be really good chefs or financial advisers.  It’s the journey that matters, and this is precisely why Lycaeum came into existence and why I am going to work to spread the enjoyment one gets from improving himself through music for the rest of my life.