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‘Lycaeum taught my son violin and now he got accepted into junior Royal Northern College of Music.’

Sabrina George, 48, Stockport Mother

An excellent, professional service with a supportive company. Petru and his team provide an affordable service that can be trusted. My cello lessons are going we’ll and they are made enjoyable by my teacher. I totally recommend Lycaeum Music!

Gaz Reynolds, 50, London Student

‘My teacher is really funny made my lifelong dream of playing the bassoon happen.’

Nadia Marinova, 37, Leeds Student

‘We have been recommended a very good violin teacher for my daughter as a beginner. His method is such that she never gets bored and she managed in a few months to be able to get a nice sound and even play a little duo with her sister. She is really enjoying the music.’

Marie-Loise Martell, 45, London Mother