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Music on wheels
Music on wheels
Music on wheels
Music on wheels
Music on wheels

Join us for the most unique and exciting music teaching project in London, on a refurbished and fully fitted double decker bus, crowdfunded by our London students and supporters.

We hold regular events throughout London and other major cities, for both our Lycaeum students and for the general public.

Our aim is to provide unique learning and performance opportunities for our students, and to make music learning accessible and cheap for those communities that need it most.

The space can be used for:

– Music lessons

– Workshops

– Concerts

– Music theory classes

– Introduction to instruments

– Birthday parties

If you have any questions, or if you’d like to support us or volunteer, please contact us at

Full schedule of events available soon. 

Check out our short presentation video below

´Very easy to get what you look for. After a phone call Petru took care of everything for me, and my son’s piano tutor knocked on our door the next day.’

Sebastian Salafano, 52, Edinburgh Father

‘My teacher made my lifelong dream of playing the bassoon happen.’

Nadia Marinova, 37, Leeds Student

`Before Lycaeum, I found a trumpet tutor online and it turned out I didn’t choose so well. I called here and Petru was very understanding and spent over half an hour with me on the phone to make sure that it didn’t happen again.’

Emily Hill, 27, Cardiff Student
Music on wheels bus interior
Music on wheels bus interior
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A refurbished double decker busturned into a space for music lessons, workshops and concerts.
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