Online group courses

Online group lessons

Broaden your child’s musical horizons

Online group lessons

Broaden your child’s musical horizons

Choose from three unique music courses online. 

  • Each course has 8 lessons
  • Once per week
  • No instrument needed – only a screen and a connection to the internet
  • A variety of time slots are available – enquire to find out which one suits you best 

From only £5 per session – and if you don’t like the first lesson you get all your money back!

Check out our choice of courses

Film music for children

Put on your director’s hat and join James through the fascinating and cool world of film music! We will start by exploring the silent movies of the 1890’s and travel through time, all the way to modern-day soundtracks for epic blockbusters! We’ll look at different musical techniques, and how they can be used to perfectly capture the right mood. For example, a violin could sound great alongside a romantic scene, or it could send shivers down your spine in an very, spooky plot… or even as the backdrop on-board a fearless pirate ship! This course is filled with fun facts, quizzes, and all of your favourite theme songs. You’ll even get to create your own soundtrack to a movie clip using any instruments you might already have, or even using cool sounding objects lying around your house! Who knew a ruler and a tin-can could be so musical… All abilities welcome, just make sure you bring your imagination, creativity… and maybe a ruler!

Music in a time machine

Join your time machine captain Sanziana on the cruise through the history of music! We’re going to go a really long way, from many thousands of years ago all the way to today, and everyone is welcome to join! Together we will see how time has changed the way in which we hear and relate to sounds and how our past has made us what we are now musically. We will make friends in every age and we will see how creative we can be with what we’ve learned. At the end there’ll also be a quiz with prizes! Come on board my-mates!

Music under the microscope

Come put on your white coat and join scientist emeritus Mihai in his musical lab – we need assistants! We’re looking to discover what music is actually made of and how an orchestra is working! Did you hear that? That is a violin! And that grumpy looking guy over there is a ‘composer’! Look, the woodwinds and brass – these are the lungs of the orchestra! And the strings – there is the heart! Let’s put it all together and see how it comes alive!

Current Lycaeum instrumental students will get discounts when signing up for courses

We also offer

Private lessons at home

If you would like a higher level ‘hands-on’ approach to learning, which is very much recommended if would like to ensure proper instrumental technique, check out our private lessons at your home.  You can find out more here.

The premium way to learn an instrument!

Private online-only lessons

If price is a concern, or if it’s simply not convenient for you to welcome a tutor into your home, we also offer private online lessons for up 50% less compared to face-to-face lessons. You can find out more here.

Lessons starting at £15 per session

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