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Music lessons at Lycaeum

Music lessons at Lycaeum

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We operate a Satisfaction Guarantee for our new students! If you have bought at least 4 lessons to start with and you don’t wish to continue after the 1st one, we will refund you the entire amount!

Register your child for a free introduction to music class on Zoom!

‘This is the most fun my child in an online lessons since the lock-down begun!’ Anna, 35, Bristol

‘A great way to introduce kids to what music is. My daughter is now learning the trumpet with Lycaeum after seeing what it can do in this online session’ John, 53, London

‘Really enjoyed this session! I’ve learned quite a bit myself just by watching over mys son’s shoulder.’ Kuzmina, 38, London

‘A fantastic team, passionate about music, great engaging lessons, prompt emails. My son learnt to see music in an exciting way and was able to answer most questions in the last lesson’s quiz by himself.’ Yulia, 37, London

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